Investment Strategies

AAM designs client portfolios to meet the income needs and capital growth objectives of each client, while taking into account tolerance for risk. To that end, equity portfolios are surrounded by fixed income and in some cases alternative asset securities per the needs of a given client.


AAM offers clients two primary equity-oriented strategies:  Traditional and Hybrid.  While both approaches are intended to combine the benefits of low costs and tax efficiency, the hybrid strategy incorporates tactical risk management.


  1. Traditional Style.  This is a strategic asset allocation, rebalanced periodically in accordance with client objectives and market opportunities. Portfolio construction emphasizes achieving long-term investment and wealth objectives, while recognizing the potential for short-term portfolio volatility.
  2. Hybrid Style with Risk Management Focus.  This equity-oriented strategy blends:
  • Long-term, passive-oriented, well diversified building blocks, while utilizing a macro tactical overlay to provide enhanced downside protection; and 
  • A minority opportunistic tactical component, intended to capitalize on intermediate-term attractive investment opportunities. 


AAM’s Priorities in executing the hybrid style are:

  • Protect client assets;
  • Achieve favorable risk-adjusted market cycle returns; and
  • Achieve reduced levels of portfolio volatility.


In addition to AAM's primary equity investment strategies and purely based on the expressed interest of the client, AAM offers a globally diversified Israel-themed equity portfolio.  Please follow this link for further information on the Israel Global Impact IndexTM portfolio.