In January 2016, Ackerman Asset Management, LLC launched the Israel Global Impact Index® strategy.  This strategy is a specialized portfolio for clients with an interest in investing in a globally diversified portfolio with a core Israel theme. Please see the summary below.  To learn more about this strategy, please email: or dial 301-230-2088.





Global Equity Portfolio Designed for Friends of Israel.  The Israel Global Impact IndexTM offers friends of Israel the opportunity to align their public equity portfolio with Israel’s interests.  It is a broadly diversified, global investment, synchronized with Israel’s economic, diplomatic, and national security.

Quantifiable Beneficial Impact on Israel.  The Israel Global Impact Index® portfolio is principally allocated according to an algorithmic calculation of beneficial impact on Israel.  Investments include: top economic trade partners (65%), U.S. sectors critical to Israel’s economic and national security (20%), and Israeli securities (15%).  Investments are fully transparent in client-owned accounts.

Unique Offering.  The Israel Global Impact Index® goes far beyond a simple concentrated investment in Israeli stocks.  Rather, it provides a global view of the world through Israel’s strategic lens.

Israel as an Economic Growth Engine for Trade Partners.  As a leading technological innovator, Israel serves as a partner for economic growth with countries around the world, contributing to a compelling long-term investment proposition. 

Impact Thesis.  The portfolio reflects Israel’s broadening bilateral economic trade relations, supporting the thesis that trade enhances diplomacy; diplomacy enhances national security; and commerce has the potential to trump politics and discrimination.