AAM's Priorities

  1. Protect Client Assets.
    AAM recognizes that its clients’ assets represent the life blood of their financial plans, whether it be for retirement or other major life milestone. As such, AAM places a paramount emphasis on respecting the trust placed in it to prudently make investment decisions on behalf of its clients.


  1. Achieve Favorable Risk-Adjusted Market Cycle Returns.
    AAM focuses on market cycle returns. During every approximate 5-7 year period, the market will typically exhibit bullish, bearish and neutral periods of price action. To excel during the euphoria of a bullish period, only to give back all of the gains and submerge into the negative zone during the ensuing bearish period does not accomplish an investor’s goal. It is AAM’s objective to demonstrate prudence in asset allocation, security selection, and tactical decision making so as to provide clients long term, full market cycle investment returns.


  1. Achieve Reduced Levels of Portfolio Volatility. 
    AAM Core Strategy client portfolios have historically exhibited a significantly reduced degree of volatility relative to the broad stock market (S&P500). We measure this volatility in terms of the statistical measure of standard deviation as well as the average amount AAM client portfolios decline during a period in which the S&P500 also declines – an industry metric referred to as downside capture. AAM prides itself on giving clients the opportunity to invest money in such a way that prioritizes risk management rather than swinging for elusive homeruns.