Key Attributes of Firm


  • Experienced.  Jim Ackerman has been an investment professional since 1996 working with institutional and individual clients.


  • Independent.  AAM is self-reliant in performing and analyzing independent research. 


  • Responsible.  AAM views investing as a core competance, preferring to be self-empowered and responsible for managing clients' assets.


  • Integrity.  We eat what we cook.  Jim Ackerman invests along side clients utilizing AAM's Core Strategy; therefore, he experiences the same relative financial gains, losses, and stresses as clients of the firm.  There is no better way to keep an advisor in tune with his clients than by sharing the experience directly.


  • Transparent.  AAM provides full transparency to clients via internet access to accounts and statements from TD Ameritrade Institutional, a trusted, institutional custodian.



Investment Professional's Biography